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isabelle duplessix
Isabelle du Plessix

I am Isabelle du Plessix, founder of Wine Travel in France

People say I am a delightful typical French lady with an international background.

I was raised indeed in the countryside outside Paris in a traditional French way. Curious, adventurous, eager to discover and learn, I was not event 15 when I got the passion for travelling. With friends, school peers, relatives, I was always the one to organize the itinerary. I just loved it. Happy to please. Since then, I have been all over the world and lived more than 9 years in different part of the globe : Germany, Chicago US, Tokyo Japan and Singapore. I then learnt how to adapt myself to new cultures, habits, languages and traditions. A good lesson of life !

I am now multilingual and multicultural, but my heritage and culture still belong to France where I now live with my family.

I married a Count and became a Countess! Thus, values such as tradition, family, history and Art de Vivre made even more sense to me.

I married a Count, who is wine lover and I became a wine amateur! We both enriched our wine knowledge through numerous wine trips in main wine countries and French wine regions. We went through many boring and tasteless wine tastings and classes and became more and more selective and demanding. I feel that the wine expert is the key element of a high-quality wine tasting. By experience, I also found out that, to fully appreciate and remember the body of a wine, it should be tasted where it grows.

Both Wine and Travel are not only part of my personal but also professional life. With multiple degrees in marketing and communications, I promoted destinations in Europe and co-published a series of high-quality illustrated coffee table guidebooks,named thechiccollection, for discerning and demanding travellers. Looking for chic niche around the world, I happen to be an expert of charming boutique hotels and personalised tips that make your travel experience unique and unforgettable. To my point of view, visiting a region is all about sharing, experiencing, meeting, tasting, feeling, … just living !

As sharing is one my motto, I decided to create travel agency based on my 2 passions, that meets wine amateurs and travellers’ expectancy: to live together the ultimate French wine culture and enjoy limitless knowledge with dedicated care: WineTravelinFrance.

Without forgetting that I spent 6 wonderful and unforgettable years in Singapore. I am then very familiar with South-East Asian culture and aspirations. I make sure that my itineraries fulfill Asian traveller’s requests. Therefore, my wine tours are always in small groups not exceeding 12 travellers sharing the same passion. My selection of hotels, historical sites and restaurants fit perfectly with Asian taste. All wine makers, wine experts, certified guides and chefs speak fluent English.

I have the chance to be also part of the jury of the Cordon Bleu Wine & Management program and am now Diploma of the WSET Level 2, Wine and Spirit Education Trust (UK).

Our wine tours will take you beyond the scenes of any French wines regions. You’ll embark on an “ELITE JOURNEY »  where wine & culture mysteries will be unrevealed just for you.

Through my wide connections, we’ll open the wineries doors for you that you will never be able to open yourself. We pick the winegrowers who are happy to share a part of their most valuable best kept secrets. You’ll feel comfortable to ask any questions you always wanted to ask. Back home, you’ll master the art of a wine « blind test » and bluff your friends and peers. You’ll jump in to the yet unrevealed and surprising new era of the future techniques and become part of the few knowledgeable.

We know how uneasy it is to travel abroad without speaking the local language. Therefore, to make you feel at home yet, we secure with your dedicated certified English-speaking guide.

Geraldine de Kersaint-Gilly
Wine Travel Specialist

Born in Champagne, Geraldine de Kersaint-Gilly is a Certified Wine Specialist by the Society of Educators (US) and has the Advanced Diploma of the WSET, Wine and Spirit Education Trust (UK).

She worked in the New York wine retail business for 9 years.

She organizes wine classes and guides through the most exclusive French vineyards with passion and professionalism.

She has the chance to meet with the most famous winemakers as well as the new comers who know how to combine traditional methods with modern technologies.

What she likes the most is to share her knowledge and passion for wine, whoever her audience is: wine amateur or wine expert. Everybody learns everyday.